I am a NLP Practitioner and Health & Nutrition Life Coach, currently specialising in Health & Wellness Coaching at The Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin and  in “Giusto peso per Sempre” by Debora Conti in Milan (Italy).

I am a Reiki practitioner.

I hold a Bachelor  of Art  in Foreign Languages,  a Master in International Relations (Università degli studi di Milano) and another one on in Psychosocial Studies (Birkbeck, London).
I am a researcher by nature and some of my works have been published.

What I know:
I know what YOU are going through
I have been through a long weightloss journey, more similar to a roller coaster than a straight downward line.
I have been through loss and bereavement
I have been through a divorce
I am an ExPat and I moved from Italy to Buenos Aires to London to Dublin in the past 10 years



Roberta AKA The Fit Mistress