What about MADRID (22-24th November 2019)

Disclaimer: This is not a Vegan Friendly post.


Apologies, but I meat.


To celebrate my 36th Birthday, I booked tickets to Madrid and a AirBnB room for two.
It literally coasted 200e all inclusive.

I have a BA in languages, and Spanish was my chosen language, followed by English and Portuguese. I am kinda in love with anything that is Argentina, and I have written three dissertations on
– Realism, Novels and Dictatorship in Argentina
– Sardinia Immigration towards Argentina after the Second World War
– Rethinking Argentina: the making of a white nation. (on Black Argentines)

I had been to Spain, in Barcelona and Valencia, for leisure first and then attend some Summer Schools, but Madrid was in the to-go list, together with Andalucia (next post to follow!).
I fell in Love.
Firstly, it’s very clean. We stayed near Puerta  de Sol and good for us but bad for our arteries, we had a Maestro Churrero shop open until 4 Am that would serve us Churros with Nutella and Cream and Dulce de Leche.
It goes without saying that we had churros every day. Sometimes day and nights. We did not only have Churros. We also had an impressive amount of TAPAS and a good quantity of alcohol, although I am not a real drinker and I always prefer water  (yep, boring!)


We walked a lot and we visited  the Prado, Thiessen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia museums.
I would not spend time writing about them, as many information can be found on Wikipedia (PLEASE DONATE), but I would share some pictures with you.

Here some of the most interesting pieced of Art I encountered…

a good old blowjob !


And yet… what Dali can do!


Any comment on this?

The best tapas experiences, in my humble opinion.

-Mercado de San Miguel (eat as many croquetas as possible. Trust me!)



– Mercado de San Fernando on Sunday: eat meat at El Rincon de Manolo, a butcher shop. Very Cheap (Cash only) succulent meat

-Juana la Loca, tapas bar. We had the most amazing Tortilla de Betanzos and Sandwich with Tuna ever




Have you been to Madrid? What did you like the most?

I loooooved it and my smile said it all!!!



I enjoyed the MENINAS around the city.

Las Meninas, painted by Velazquez in 1656, were back in town, revisited by 54 artists this past autumn. Walking around the streets, here you are my Meninas!