The First Ten Days

Good afternoon everyone!
A few days have passed since Day10 and only now I have the time to blog!

We are self isolating here in Ireland, we are approaching  Easter, outside is getting warmer and sunnier but I feel down.
I am not sleeping enough, I wake up at 6 AM with no energy nor will to stay in bed.
It’s been tough days, we are working from home since 6th March and we do not seem to be able to see the light at the end of the CovIdTunnel in terms of being able to lead a normal life.
But Hey, it is what it is and we have to make the most of it!

I have been eating well, not as well as I aimed too.
I  baked break and sweets for my partner. I love cooking, but I decided to keep it at a minimum now, or I will gain weight instead of losing it.  Moreover, my skin is breaking and I have too many spots.

I worked out consistently, we did some Jillian’s Workout (we have the APP) and then we started BodyShred which we both find challenging..and we love it!
I also add some ZUMBA every now and then as I love dancing and I want to burn some extra calories.
I was able to burn more than 800 kcal some days when I did Jillian+Zumba.


So here we go, a bit of data for you guys



Vote to Myself: 6
I could have done much better.
Aim for the next 10 days: 8