20 Days…WOW!


I am amazed by these results.!

Let’s be frank: my Doctor changed my diet; for 21 days, 3 weeks, I have to follow a sort of Lazy Keto Diet. So the 13th April, Easter Monday, I started.
let’s be frank: I could have done better in terms of Workout and I should have drank more water, but if I balance all the components, I am happy enough!

In 20 Days I lost  2.9 Kg and 6 cm waist.

That is ENOUGH for me!

…enough for now… but FROM NOW ENOUGH is not ENOUGH ANYMORE!


For these next 10 days, I aim to:
Drink 2.5 lt of water daily
Workout 6 days a week
Keep on steadily losing weight

What are Your Plans for the next 10 days?