I got lost!

I plateaud, I regained a bit of weight, I went back on track.
Did I stop following my Doctor’s diet?  No.
Did I stop exercising? No, I just exercised less.

Exercise, to me, is the key. No matter how well I eat, if I do not exercise, I do not lose weight, I actually bounce it back.
Do not get me wrong, it’s only 2 kg (4 pound) and I am on may way down again.

I realised that, as much as I try, if I keep on TRYING and not DOING, nothing changes.

I have been on StayCation in Glendalough, we walked for 11 km all the way to the Miner’s Village and back. It was beautiful. I felt alive and emotionally overwhelmed.
I also felt terribly tired, like my body was going through exhaustion.

These past months have been very challenging :  staying home from work, focusing on myself, realising that my job does not define me and it’s not who I am,  studying, cooking healthy emals, exercising daily.
I am now back to  “Life before the Covid” (but still wearing masks and cleaning my hands every 10 minutes). I go to work, I work eight hours a day.
I started feeling unhappy again, and feeling tired.
I abandoned the blog, I kept on eating well and I exercised less- almost nothing.
I also started feeling external pressure, as if people were  judging me for what I was eating, how much was exercising, and that what I was doing was never enough, that I was not enough.


I am enough! What I do is MORE than Enough!
I am Human and I am allowed to take a pit stop,recharge my batteries and go back on track.

Do not allow other people’s opinion  to destroy your confidence and feelings.

You are worthy and YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

ps: I postponed the 120DayBlast end to 31st August.
Now I have a Zumba Class 🙂 Talk Soon!

Day 31-40

My nutritionist has changed my diet for a few weeks- I will not share what I eat and I will explain why in the forecoming future.
Then, on May 4th I reintroduced some food. I have not seen much change.
My weight loss is still stedy and slow. I can reassure that drinking 3 lts of water per day makes a huge difference: my skin is better, I poop more regularly, I weight less if I drink more.
3 lts of water are 3 lts of pure water, any tea or coffee (sugar free) are extra!


Here my results so far  ( Click here to see Initial Weight in March 2020)



Day 21-30

So so so.. this post was very much due, life tends to get in the way but I am overall Happy.

In 30 days I lost 3.5 Kg, I have 3 more months to go and I am sure that as soon as I reach 79 then it will be quicker and easier.

At the moment I am struggling and plateauing,  but my doctor said this is normal.


20 Days…WOW!


I am amazed by these results.!

Let’s be frank: my Doctor changed my diet; for 21 days, 3 weeks, I have to follow a sort of Lazy Keto Diet. So the 13th April, Easter Monday, I started.
let’s be frank: I could have done better in terms of Workout and I should have drank more water, but if I balance all the components, I am happy enough!

In 20 Days I lost  2.9 Kg and 6 cm waist.

That is ENOUGH for me!

…enough for now… but FROM NOW ENOUGH is not ENOUGH ANYMORE!


For these next 10 days, I aim to:
Drink 2.5 lt of water daily
Workout 6 days a week
Keep on steadily losing weight

What are Your Plans for the next 10 days?

Outcome, the exercise

-Have you done this before? ( set up/achieve goal: does not have to be related to the same outcome)

I did. In Semptember 2007 I had 11 exams(modules) left before graduating, and I wanted to graduate in JUNE 2008.
It did happen, I passed all modules with Merit & Distinction AND I graduated in June 2008, 23rd.
Although it was a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature, those modules were extremely difficult and time consuming.
Some modules involved one written and one exam, a variety of books (not articles!) to read and homework too: all this in order to get one single mark, which was the module official mark

-How did you feel?

I felt relieved. I also felt lost because I did not know what to do after that!
I felt happy, proud and alive.

– What was driving you?
I wanted to finish. I had had enough, I had a rough patch where I could not do exams as I was too scared. I wanted to prove Myself I was able to do it.

-What was your first thought in the Am and in the PM before bed?
It was: study! I woke up, had breakfast, studied, had lunch, studied, gone to the gyn, and recap of the day. I also lost weight!

-How did you set your goals?

I had a main goal, to graduate in june. I took it one step(module)at a time, maybe two.
Thsi way, I could “turn a page” each module I passed. It was relieving.
For example,
I started studying in September, completely focused on a Literature Module (13 books plus critics!!!).
As I had another exam in December before the holidays, in october I added the second module  to the literature one. One week before the exam in Novemebr,I would only cocnentrare on Literature. Once the exam was done, I took one day off and then concentrated on the exam I had in December.
I also had exams in January and February, then April then May.

I managed to pass one exam in November, one in December, 3 in January, 3 in February, 2 in April, 1 in May.
I graduated.
How I did it? I was simply committed and focused. Anything else was on hold. I anyway had a normal social life, I used to workout and also found time to go to a Spa.

-How did you feel through the journey?At the beginning? At the end? During your journey?
At the beginning I was..excited and thrilled.
During the journey I was tired but committed, focused and proud!
At the end..I felt.. UNIQUE!

-Did you achieve it?
I did, and it melted my heart!

-What did you learn?
That I can achieve anything I want to  achieve. That I can achieve all my goals.
That if I done it once, I can do it again and again.


The First Ten Days

Good afternoon everyone!
A few days have passed since Day10 and only now I have the time to blog!

We are self isolating here in Ireland, we are approaching  Easter, outside is getting warmer and sunnier but I feel down.
I am not sleeping enough, I wake up at 6 AM with no energy nor will to stay in bed.
It’s been tough days, we are working from home since 6th March and we do not seem to be able to see the light at the end of the CovIdTunnel in terms of being able to lead a normal life.
But Hey, it is what it is and we have to make the most of it!

I have been eating well, not as well as I aimed too.
I  baked break and sweets for my partner. I love cooking, but I decided to keep it at a minimum now, or I will gain weight instead of losing it.  Moreover, my skin is breaking and I have too many spots.

I worked out consistently, we did some Jillian’s Workout (we have the APP) and then we started BodyShred which we both find challenging..and we love it!
I also add some ZUMBA every now and then as I love dancing and I want to burn some extra calories.
I was able to burn more than 800 kcal some days when I did Jillian+Zumba.


So here we go, a bit of data for you guys



Vote to Myself: 6
I could have done much better.
Aim for the next 10 days: 8

Initial Data

Don’t forget to read the General Instructions before Starting!

Summing up, you will need:
-A Notebook, A Pen and some pencils or Highlighters.
-A Scale and Measuring Tape and take your Measurements on Day 1
-A realistic picture of the desired body with your face photoshopped.

  • Page 1 of your notebook: put the picture of your desired body
  • Page 2: Write Down your Measurements.
    If you google printable measurement chart you will find many ideas on how to set your page. Check Pinterest too. Make sure you make a colorful,fun page that has to be pleasant to your eyes and soul.

    Jump on the scale first thing in the morning and note down your weight in Kgs or LBS. Note down the weight.Take your measurements: Once a month I take chest, waist (umbilical cord), hips, left and right thing, left and right calf, left and right arm. On a weekly basis, I only check the WAIST.

    There are plenty of free online resources you could use to learn to  take your own measures

    How to take Measurements
    How to take Measurements by NerdFitness


NOW Close Your notebook

Put on some relaxing music and close your eyes, do some stretching, drink a tea, put on a face mask  and meditate .

When ready, at your own pace, take your notebook back.
Open the very first page, admire the picture you have carefully chosen.
Close your eyes, and feel it with all your senses. Feel your body, you healthy organs, your amazing skin, your beautiful eyes and hair.
See what you see, hear what you hear.
Where are you ? How do you feel with your new, healthier body? How was the journey and how is your life NOW?

Open your eyes, make sure you remember that 120 days are a very short period of time compared to a lifetime, and you can make the difference only in the PRESENT.
These 120 DAYs are your present. So act, behave, laugh, cry, exercise,eat and explore.

You can go back to this exercise daily, it will help you focusing on your goal.

Look at the measurements you have taken today, turn the page and set your Outcome.



Now, Time to set your Outcome!!



I hope you have enjoyed reading this article,  if you have any queries please comment or email me

Outcome Setting

The Outcome is what you want to achieve at the end of your program, so to say, Your Goal.

In order to create a good outcome, we have to follow some rules and stick to them during our entire journey.

First thing, I want you to use a positive language. I imagine you as a strong empowered person, who loves his/her own body and soul.
There is NO space for body-shaming here or self-sabotaging, and will talk about those later.

Your OUTCOME has to be S.M.A.R.T.!

It has to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

In order to achieve your goal, you have to be specific on what you exactly want and how you want to achieve it.
You might have set 2 or 3 goals you wish to achieve, but I need you to set which one is more important for you; the goal has also to be realistic. You also have to give a specific deadline.
You have then to keep track of your steps (that’s what the notebook is for!!!!)

So let’s say that on 28th March I set up my OUTCOME.

Specific: I want to lose 7 Kg in a healthy and fun way; I want to be consistent
Measurable: I am tracking my journey in my new notebook!
Attainable: I want to lose 3 kg at a time
Relevant: the most important goal is be consistent and healthy
Time-Bound: 27th July 2020

Obviously, I’d be mad to expect to lose more than 7 Kg by July 2020, however that date would mean that for 120 DAYS I have been compliant and half way through it.
I will be definitely healthier, and happier. I will have been consistent, which is my main outcome.


It’s 27th July 2020, I jump on the scale: 80 Kgs is the weight I see.
I am strong, healthy, and I wear lovely nice clothes as I have lost 7 Kgs.

I have followed my Dr’S Diet, done workout 4 to 5 times a week.
I have practiced consistency and meditation to boost my drive and motivation, and self-care routines to help my skin and my body release toxins and be healthier.

Once your OUTCOME is set, you can also set up minigoals by using the same criteria.

Let’s say that one minigoal could be drinking more water, and the you give it a month to be consistent on drinking more water.
Remember, the MINIGOAL has to be S.M.A.R.T.
It might be the case that at the end of the month you have created a habit of drinking only water, and you will keep going!
Another minigoal could be lessen or give up caffeine, or going to the gym 3 to 5 days a week; those are personal, so dig it and find your own!

Once your Outcome is set, and so are your minigoals, take your notebook and pen.

These questions will help you visualize your past actions and learn from them, to create a better outcome and achieve your goals. These are meant to be for you only, so you do not have the answers. I want to reflect on your answers, and discuss with yourself what could have been done better, and what you can do in order to do better NOW.

-Have you done this before? ( set up/achieve goal: does not have to be related to the same outcome)
-How did you feel?
– What was driving you?
-What was your first thought in the Am and in the PM before bed?
-How did you set your goals?
-How did you feel through the journey?At the beginning? At the end? During your journey?
-Did you achieve it? If not, why do you think so?
-What did you learn?
Are you curious about my answers?

Scroll up!

The Promise

One of my favourite book by Debora Conti, an Italian NLP practitioner, Coach, Psychologist and author, “Giusto Peso per Sempre” has the best suggestion ever!

Debora suggests that, at the beginning of your very journey, you should take a bit of time and write a Promise to Yourself.
I found this very useful for any goal I set ( and achieved !) in the past.
So, for this new journey of mine, I wrote a new promise.

So.. let’s write the Promise to Yourself for the next 120 days!


Be Nice and Kind to yourself.
Only use positive language, be frank and fun, be emotional. Be YOU.


MY PROMISE 28.3.2020

I promise to myself to be true to myself, to listen to my body and my brain first, to take ten deep breaths each time I want to run to the fridge to fill a void.
I promise to myself that I will consistent and meticulous, and I will have fun in experimenting healthy food. I promise to myself I will have a free meal per week, and I won’t feel guilty for this.
I promise to my body to look at it 10 minutes a day, massaging my curves and nourishing my skin. I promise to my hair to be healthy and glowy, my eyes to be sharp, smart and kind, my lips to only say words of love. 
I promise to my organs to be healthy and be capable to run this amazing machine that my whole body is. I promise my brain I will nurture it, nourish it, cuddle it.
I promise to myself I will be consistent with exercise and I will make the most of these days off work to work on form and strength. 
I promise to myself I will dance more.

I promise to myself: I am taking care of you.




Read your promise anytime you feel the need to, any time you need a boost of positivity and inspiration. Be your own mentor.

Feel free to add to your promise, but not to delete off it.
And  always put the date!



I hope you have enjoyed reading this article,  if you have any queries please comment or email me

General Instructions…

Hey Everyone!
These are only ideas I came up with, I have been blogging and journaling for a very long time now and I would definitely recommend the below list as tricks to help yourself starting! They definitely helped me and still help to get on Track.
Moreover., o not forget that the 120 DAY Blast for me started YESTERDAY 28.3.2020 and I am sharing this journey with you!


—-> Why 120 days?

If it takes 21 days to create a new habit, just imagine what 120 days could do!
In the past I followed Debora Conti‘s “Diario dei 120 giorni” and I found it useful. in 120 days, 4 month, I could really see a difference within myself: aesthetically, yes, but also in terms of commitment and consistency.



-At the very beginning of this journey that will last 120 days ( or 4 Months), taking measurements and weighing in is the very first step to take. Note them down, do not forget to put the date. That is your day 1/120

Buying a  new fancy notebook would also be helpful.  If you do not have the money, do not worry, there are very cheap notebook available at local stores. What’s important is what’s inside!  I will post more about this in due course. You do not have to buy stickers, you can print them or draw them yourself. This is your journey, that is your diary, you can make it what you want it to be!

-Always take your measurements first thing in the morning, after the first Pee and Poop. This rule applies to the very first ONE-to-ONE with scale&measuring tape as well as the very last one.

I know this might sound gross, but getting rid of the extra 200 gr could help your self-esteem.
On the other hand, when you follow a diet and you have to weight in food, you cut off all the waste (chicken fat, vegetables hard or rotten parts). Well,try and do the same!
Do not worry if you do not poop first thing in the morning, this is just something that I am able to do now that I am 36 years old, since I had been chronically constipated for years (read here for further info!)


-Devote one page of your notebook  to your measurements, the turn it and forget about those data for at least a week.

Find a picture that represents the body image you want to achieve: be realistic so if you body shape is “pear”, like mine, you would never look like Charlize Therone because you have something called BONES in your hips area that give you a different shape.
If you are a PhotoShopPRO, you can photoshop your face onto that body, then print it ojn glossy paper: attach this on the very first page of your notebook. If you are not a Pro (I AM NOT!) ask a friend you trust to do it for you or, just cut and glue it on top!

Keep in mind that a slim body is NOT achievable if you starve yourself: in order to lose weight, to be healthy, to boost your immune system and stay in good mental and physical form, you have to eat good quality food in the right quantities.
The only person that can help you with a diet is a Nutritionist, or a Doctor Specialised in nutrition.

Exercise! I would recommend you to save money and invest on one or two face to face/online session with a great Personal Trainer. If you can’t afford it, have a chat with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise; you do not want to start a DVD or download an APP and then break your ankle. Trust me, you do not want that. You want to be healthy, be consistent, get stronger and leaner.

Set yourself a Daily Routine and follow it through. Put alarms on your phones, one each activity, and respect the pact you made to yourself: be consistent.
Alarm one: every 40 min: drink water
Alarm two: h 6 PM Workout
Alarm three (once a week): get yourself a facial
and so on…

 – Be creative in the Kitchen: buy yourself a CookBook or look online for healthy recipes.

Avoid sugary, fizzy drinks, smoothies and juices: Grab an orange or an apple and go on with your life, you are too busy to pretend to be healthy only because you drink green shit through a rose gold straw*. This might help

Drink plenty of water, around 2 litres a day. If you fancy, drink one or 2 cups of tea; I prefer Green, Sencha  or an easy to make Lemon and Ginger Infusion  made out of hot water, grated fresh ginger and a squeeze of lemon.
Try to avoid coffee, 200 mg a day of caffeine are more than enough (1 americano, that is it).
I am  Italian so I have one coffee in the AM and one after lunch, as no blood runs through my veins but coffee (and pizza).




And now.. grab your Notebook and your Pen.



I hope you have enjoyed reading this article,  if you have any queries please comment or email me


*no unicorns have been killed for this. Rose Gold is also my favourite colour.