My Story a nutshell

I was a beautiful and joyous kid, who wanted to dance and sing. I was also very shy.
I would not feel confident, so stopped dancing, but I never stopped singing.
At 12, I got my Milwaukee brace on: my self esteem lowerd, I started bingeing on Nutella and Pizza (do not forget, I am always Italian).
I started  Yo-Yo Dieting, strenuous exercise, swimming classes and, despite  the bingeing episodes, my BMI was 24.

At 19, I left Sardinia and moved to Milan. I stopped swimming. I got under surgery for a slipped disc in 2006.
I started working on myself, finances would not allow meto see a therapist, so I discoreved NLP, Debora Conti and her method, Giusto Peso per Sempre.
I lost weight in a natural way, I stopped fad and yoyo dieting and I started eating properly. My BMI was a bit higher, but I was never in the obese spectrum until..

Until I got married in 2015.
In 2018 I divorced and  I lost the man of my life,  my Dad.
I  had been fighting with back pain for a year, taking prescribed strong painkillers: an MRi showed three more slipped discs.
The day after my father died, I jumped on a scale and I could not believe my eyes.
I weighted more than 100 Kg.  I did not feel that way and  I could not believe that the woman in the mirror weighted that much.

I was lying to myself.

I was saying  to myself “Well, I am overweight but I am healthy and loved” and that was not entirely true.  Of course, I had people in my life who loved me of that unconditional love we all need and deserve, no matter our weight.  I had health struggles: back pain for a year, sleep apnea, bad blood results.

Was I loving Myself? No.

Was I lying to myself ? yes.

I started taking responsibility of my life choices.
It took me a while to find a good doctor, a Consultant in Human Nutrition.
I also found a Life Coach who helped me realise that my weight was just an effect of more profound causes.
I hired a Personal Trainer who helped me recover my back issue, and build muscles. Loads of them!

I lost 20+ Kgs, and  a few more to go.
AmI healthy now?  I  Am! My blood tests show it clearly: my liver functions are not normal, are perfect.
After finishing my second (yes, one was not enough) MA in Psychosocial Studies, I decided to retrain as Reiki Practitioner, NLP Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach.

Why would you chose me?

Because I know exactly how you feel, and I can help you and guide you to make better lifestyle and health choices.
Because I know, and I care.
Because you deserve to love yourself.